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How we work and what we do

We highlight the reality of women’s lives in Donegal and promote social justice, equality and women’s human rights.

dwn what is does

Donegal Women’s Network is part of the umbrella organisation, the National Collective of Community-Based Women’s Networks (NCCWN) there are 17 networks across Ireland all working to support women in their community.

Work done by the NCCWN-Donegal Women’s Network includes providing;

  • Telephone advise
  • Up yo date, relevant information on women’s issues
  • Support the set up of new groups
  • Training
  • Networking Events
  • International Women’s Day and Rural Women’s Day Celebrations
  • Women’s Voices- A weekly feature in the Thursday edition of the Donegal Democrat. These features highligh women’s acheimements and raises awareness of many issues affecting women in Donegal
  • Links Local issues to national

If you are interested in our work or would like to find out more please take a look at our facebook page and we can also be contacted by email on donwonnet@eircom.net

The 5050 North West Group Letter to Editor of Donegal Democrat


Dear Editor,

A number of representatives of the North West 5050 group attended the February County Council meeting in Lifford.  5050 is a single national advocacy group dedicated to achieving equal representation in Irish politics. We were welcomed by the Mayor and found the morning both informative and interesting.

However we came away disappointed at the ‘carry on’ of a number of Councillors and aghast that the business of the day can so easily be hijacked by individual posturing and aggressive behaviour.

As ‘Democracy’ was a much mentioned term within the chamber I would like to take this opportunity to highlight the following:

“Equality of representation between women and men is a pre-requisite to participative

democracy.  In its absence, the needs and priorities of one section of the population continue

to be ‘represented’ by another.”

[“Balances along the Border” Marie Crawley & Louise O Meara]

It is very disappointing we only have 6 female candidates selected to date for County Donegal in the Local Elections, with currently only 2 female candidates out of 29 in Donegal County Council.  According to Dr Adrian Kavanagh’s (Maynooth College) to date there are only 358 females selected or declared nationally (23.1 %),   so we have a long way to go to attain a participative democracy.

The question remains, what are the parties doing to encourage and support female candidates? Many parties have Equality Policies which look good on paper.  What obviously seems to be lacking is the will or the way to implement a fair deal for women.

Yours sincerely,

Finola Brennan,

5050 North West Group
NCCWN-Donegal Women’s Network
6 Tir Chonaill Street
Donegal Town
Co. Donegal
T:  074 9722790
E:  donwoment@eircom.net